MDM: MDM are Michael Wegmann (dr), TiC (g, loops, concept) and Nils Hüppi-Projetti (bs). TiC and Nils, playing together in different formations for years, met Michael in 2004. After a period of playing jazz standards the trio started to explore grooves, finally freeing themselves of all safety nets and plunging into TiC’s “Trust in Creativity”-concept. Until 2010 the trio met weekly to celebrate the instant creation of music, permanently aiming for the state of flow.

MDM+K: In 2009 TiC started to invite musicians to jam with MDM. Ever since, the computer musician Karin Ernst joins MDM every now and then, extending the trio’s spectrum with electronic sounds.

MD: MD is the duo version of MDM, consisting of either Michael or Nils and TiC.

D: guess ... ;  )