"Your talent is amazing. Such an inspiration."
(sedge, 2010.12.19)

"Like a mirror into the unknown."
(fading truth, 2010.12.10)

"Du überraschst und faszinierst mich bei jeder Serie."
(song fong, 2010.11,10)

"Excellent and mysterious -- your vision digs deep into interiors and unknown passages."
(donvucl, 2010.11.10)

"you should be in a gallery not let loosed on an unsuspecting public"
(scasescape, 2010.08.16)

"Also ich kenne bislang niemanden, der Ähnliches macht wie du... Ich muss immer ganz genau hinschauen und bin immer überrascht..."
(polomar, 2010.08.08)

"TiC's one of the most incredible image hunters I've seen. Her sensibility is so tuned that she finds beauty where others only see ugliness or chaos. Her