photographs tell a story, as well as the story told by the way she names them. I'm proud to have found such an artist to follow, an artist of many talents."
(ary snyder, 2010.03.27)

"In years to come people will ask "were you born before or after Tic's ripples"?. I follow your style with amazement. You see beauty at places where I would climb over the fence to look for interesting subjects. Your Swiss Zen enlightens you."
(dutchphotographer, 2010.03.11)

"TiC, an incredibly interesting woman, talented like very few, with a sensibility that meets no boundary. Her work is always a journey to uncommon places, with unexpected twists. with a powerful sense of aesthetics and rhythm. her photographs are a seductive invitation to explore your own soul, your own mind, your own fears and hopes.
A good friend, a gifted musician and an incredibly talented light hunter, with a gifted eye for beauty and simplicity."
(doctor faustus), 2010.03.05)

"OUI OUI OUI! Very merveilleux delicious ta musique! Ca vit sensuellement, ça vire et ça rebondit avec les ombres et les lumières sur les obliques de tes

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