murs qui courent, c'est comme la voix de tes images!"
(françoizyk, 2010.03.05)

"Generally, people dismiss photography because they always say ‘I could have taken that.’ But, you can only photograph what you see and it takes a true photographer to see it in the first place. TiC sees more than most people will ever see, and I have to take my hat off to her for sharing her vision. If you are ready to see the world anew, enter TiC’s Wonderland.
She also ‘kicks arse’ and I have to thank her for that also!"
(keith watt, 2010.02.25)

"i tuoi scatti sono un sogno, una sensazione, un istante che mi affasciana sempre" (mikimuu, 2009.12.18)

"Welcome to TiC 's wondrous world! She incredibly makes that so much unwanted noise look beautiful, even interesting. She changes perspectives and angles beyond where they should be... she will take you on a journey. If you would like to know what not to do in photography look around her stream! You will be surprised and amazed that, what if you and me would do it, it would be

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